On Whose Shoulders We Build: Spotlight on – Lindsay Carter

Disability Arts in the North East – A Living Archive

A tribute to all the disabled artists and groups who have made up the Disability Arts Movement past and present


About Lindsay and her work

Lindsay was the festival poet for the month long Mimosa Festival held across the North East by Arcadea in 2006. She performed this piece at The Metamorphosis Ball which was a cabaret to close the Festival at Sage Gateshead.


Mimosa Festival by Lindsay Carter.


Wallsend’s Buddle hosted transition

writ large there was Ceitach’s mission

one by one, he restored identity, and more

to the genocide victims of T4

To the disabled people whose bodies

were tossed

onto the fires of Hitler’s Holocaust

Stark contrast then to explore the trees

In the beautiful photography

of Aileen Hay who found a way

to calm us before our head’s turn

to the scratch republic of

outlaw artist sean burn


Gave us 13 relics in WombMan

Strange Creatures stared out from pre-op


Herstory not history was pagan and grand


Newcastle’s sparkling new dance city

Mimosad with strawberries and

champagne, very glitzy

Pauline Heath made us laff, but did she

Leave without a man?

Wayne Hooks pluffed the feathers as

Only Wayne Hooks can

Rachel Kay gave us Tear or Tear

I don’t care which

because it was beautifully choreographed

by Caroline Bowditch

Who even in her absence made us watch

her on the screen

whilst Fiona Wright of Girl Jonah might

just have been seen

sitting in the audience

watching Common Ground’s Sign Dance

They gave us Breaker, Breakdown and Breakthrough

No music just movement, communication

and a take through

Deafworld beauty


At Mushroom Works just up from Spillers

Unseen was packed out by pseudo-Wellers

It was Up Close and Personal with Twink

Who gave us the bright white corridor of fame

spread with Jam

And Inside Out by AJ Moesby

whose analytic cabinet shows me

the remedy

to who I am

Get over it!

At the top of the Ouseburn behind the

Tanners Pub

Is the Star and Shadow, which embraced

Mimosa Club

The space has the spirit of the people

who fill it

and the mimosa flower

reverberated artist power.


Girl Jonah were tray steamy

This Two gave us dancing with mermaids

different dances taking chances

Giovanna Maria Casetta showed how an

exterior self

can hide a taboo state of health

She lay her fragility bare

As she sat and slowly plucked out her hair

sean burn gave us the voice

that oppressors never captured

his bandwidth let it out

tattoed apple pips were scattered

Tom Shakespeare and Topsy Qur’et

Were an asymmetric duet

Who fell for each other and stood for each


And skated the process of death.


Mimosa Screen took Sage Gateshead by storm

Seven epics were seen in short film form

Milner/Minter aired a newscast that

thumbed its nose

Sally Pearce revealed what stick people

wear under their clothes

Roaring Mouse showed us how to

spruce up when cupid calls

while sean burn’s checkov spoke the

quiet truth of it all

Terence Healy drew a line and verbal

portrait of an actor

whose advice was very simple – use

what you have to

Liz Crow splashed a swimming pool tale

of Nectar

a Deaf youth’s life decision – choose

what you love

writing changes lives said sean burn in

stealing brecht

a red tulip startled from the depth of

his text

It wouldn’t fit ’Through the Buttonhole’

Writ by Karen Sheader

The disablist host of her gameshow was

An obnoxious oily bleeder


Divine Divas grabbed Sage Gateshead

by its tits

Mistress of Ceremonies was

Ms Caroline Bowditch

Minika Green was born to sing and she

left us ‘Feelin’ Good’

She sang the language of jazz and

had ‘The Look of Love’

Silent Diva Caroline Parker swung her

rainbow pants

that trademark twirl, that lip, that curl

she had us all entranced

Karen Sheader took us to a place

where we were all accepted

via Venus Mars and Lourdes whose

water was rejected

A place where lust will know no bounds,

a magic land waiting

for a drop dead gorgeous sound and

bolshy agitation


Mimosa Stage at Sage Gateshead

Tom Shakespeare’s family tree

showed the way heredity shapes us

the ologies that for the ‘me’

Laurence Clark had a wonderful claim

to fame

as a child he was on TV

when he proudly refused to wear the

patronising badge

which simpered ‘Jim fixed it for me.’


So Liz Carr is MCing Metamorphosis Ball

She’ll camp up our culture and rip up the hall

Now down to the cocktails they’re chic

Slash pokey

Make prats of yourselves with the karaoke

but before we get drunk I’d like to say a

Very happy first birthday to arcadea


Lindsay Carter 2006

Lindsay left us in 2009. Rest In Power.


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