Oscar Mike’s theatrical power struggle

Combining theatre and gaming, The Situation Room is a lighthearted exploration of power and choice against the background of the Cold War.

Contestants will be transported to the seat of power during a moment of global tension. Responding to real-time intelligence from a distant conflict zone they will have to make tough choices that risk lives before witnessing the consequences of their actions played out as the story of a famous day evolves and a new chapter in world history is written.

Oscar Mike is formed of theatre professionals who recognise a desire amongst audiences to be at the centre of a story; to be a unique player within it, to prod and talk back rather than sit on the outside and look in. Through their current projects they continue to search for the meeting points between theatre and gaming by prioritising audience members’ unique actions within their shows whilst using all the tools at their disposal to create compelling pieces of theatre.

Oscar Mike present The Situation Room at ARC on Wednesday 7 November at 5pm & 8pm. For more information, click here.