Lenny’s take on music hits the box office

He welcomed a host of pop giants onto the stage during the Queen’s Jubilee, and even chastised the Monarch herself for missing Tom Jones’ performance, and yet the treasured Lenny Henry still has enough back-chat left as he tours his new show at ARC. Pop Life! will take audiences on a hilarious joyride through his life in music.

Lenny recalls being born into a Jamaican household with so many pictures of Elvis that he was led to believe The King was a relative.

He shares close calls with the high kicking ferocity of Northern Soul dancers, who could “maim an entire room in one tune” in the Queen Mary Disco in the Midlands.

Continuing his journey through Pop, Lenny sympathizes with multi millionaire singer Adele’s ex-boyfriend, who dumped her just before she hit the big time, and mulls over Hip Hop’s obsession with women’s bodies.

Oh, and he plays the piano during this performance – you have been warned!

“A Charismatic comic at his best.” The Guardian

“Nothing is off Limits…Like a fine wine, Lenny has improved with age and shows no sign of slowing down.” BM Magazine, Canberra

Lenny Henry presents Pop Life! on Tuesday 30 October. For more information, click here.