Pop-song mash up with Frisky and Mannish

According to partners in pop humour, Frisky and Mannish, life isn’t about spreadsheets, it’s about joy and laughter and pop music. Fortunately, London’s resident experts of pop hermeneutics and “fully-blown superstars” (Time Out) are coming to ARC this autumn to give audiences a few pointers as part of their biggest tour to date.

Frisky and Mannish (a.k.a comedy cabaret double act Laura Corcoran and Matthew Floyd Jones) said:

“This is our big, splashy celebration of our favourite pastime – titting around with pop songs. It’s a no-holds-barred, full-throttle, take-no-prisoners hit of pure F&M. We’ve included some of our old favourites, that we haven’t done live since our first show in 2009 (see your local YouTube for more information), alongside some painfully current new things (think Lana Del Rey, Made In Chelsea, and Gotye. Not all at once). We’re proud to announce that this show has no theme, unlike our last three, which followed the journey from the School of Pop, through The College Years, and right up to the job centre, Pop Centre Plus. This one is, as the title suggests, much more extra-curricular.”

Frisky and Mannish is the cabaret comedy creation of Laura Corcoran and Matthew Floyd Jones. As they stumbled across a compendium of the last 20 years of pop, they wondered if they could get away with singing some songs without ruining the theme of the night. So they had a go on Papa Don’t Preach, and it became an aria. I Would Do Anything For Love became a lullaby, Eye of the Tiger became bluegrass, and Come On Eileen a heartfelt ballad. They didn’t know what they were doing was so wrong it was right, but they quickly got the drift.

They have become a “global phenomenon” (The Times), performing in London’s West End, New York, Berlin, Melbourne, New Zealand, Adelaide, Singapore, Perth, and at the Sydney Opera House. They are championed by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who has become one of their biggest fans. The subsequent buzz has cemented their reputation as one of the most sought-after acts on the circuit.

Frisky and Mannish spent an hour on my radio show – they had me in stitches.

– Gordon Smart, The Sun/XFM

One of the funniest acts I’ve ever had on my show.

– Scott Mills, Radio 1.

Comedy gold.

– Guardian

Superb and uncontrollable

– Sunday Times

• Frisky and Mannish present Extra Curricular Activities at ARC on Fri 16 Nov at 8pm. Tickets are priced F: £15 C: £13 and can be purchased here.