still alone in her voices exhibition launches

sean burn’s still alone in her voices exhibition launches on the top floor.

actively involved in disability arts, sean is a writer, performer and self-taught artist who is part of the mad studies north east collective.

the free exhibition is a sequence of visual poetry inspired by sean’s experiences of psychosis. having premiered at broadacre house in newcastle-upon-tyne, the exhibition will now be displayed on the top floor until saturday 5 april, please do pop along to the free exhibition and we welcome any feedback.

as part of the exhibition, sean will give a short performance of his sequence of poetry tattooing lorca on wednesday 5 april at 7pm. you can book tickets (priced on a pay what you decide basis) here.

if you would like to get more involved with this project then you can participate in the giving voice workshop on wednesday 5 april at 2pm, which will look at reclaiming languages around mental distress in writing and in art. you don’t have to consider yourself an artist or a writer to participate. anyone with lived experience of mental distress and a desire to explore crossing-over between ways of giving voice to whatever you wish to say is welcome.

you are also invited to take part in the visual poetry workshop on wednesday 12 april which will look at the cross-over between writing and visual arts for artists who want to experiment with text, and writers who want to experiment with visual ways of presenting text.