Venues North is a network of venues from across the North of England who are committed to supporting artists to create new work. Our aim is to work together as venues to support new and emerging artists from the North to get their work more widely seen regionally, nationally and internationally.

By new work, we mean new theatre and performance, usually devised work or new writing, or work that explores the boundaries of theatrical form.

Venues North is not a closed network or an exclusive group of venues. It is open to any venue in the North that shares our commitment to supporting artists making new work.

The group was brought together and is chaired by ARC’s Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Annabel Turpin, and meets four times a year.

Publications include:

  • Routes In: A Guide to Getting New Work Programmed in the North of England – Download the Routes In guide
  • Annual Edinburgh festival guides for work made in the North

Find our past Edinburgh festival guides on our resources page.

For more details please contact Annabel Turpin