Black and white sketch by Fabric Lenny showing people gathered around a computer monitor

Artwork by Fabric Lenny

On this page, you can find useful resources for artists, theatre companies and venues.

Pay What You Decide toolkit

In January 2015 ARC introduced a Pay What You Decide pricing model on its entire theatre, dance and spoken word programme. Following its success, we published a free toolkit to help other venues and festivals considering introducing PWYD pricing.

Download the PWYD Toolkit
Download the Pink PWYD logo
Download the Purple PWYD logo

Venues North COVID-19 Status Report (March 2021)

This report is designed to help artists and companies better understand where venues are with their current activity and reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the latest COVID-19 Status Report – April 2021 

Download the COVID-19 Status Report – March 2021



Access Guide for Artists & Companies

As part of ARC’s Cultural Shift programme, we developed the attached access guide for artists and companies making new work. This document summarises some of the areas we ask artists working with ARC to consider. More information about making performances accessible is available from disability organisations.

Download the latest version of our Access Guide

Routes In: A Guide to Getting New Work Programmed in the North of England

This comprehensive guide includes advice for artists setting out to get their work programmed as well as a directory of Northern venues who programme new work. It is published by Venues North.

Routes In is updated once a year.

Download the latest version of Routes In

Venues North Edinburgh Guides

Every year, Venues North produce a guide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It includes work presented at the Fringe that has been supported by one or more Venues North members.

You can view and download copies of the guide from previous year’s below.

Download the 2019 Venues North Edinburgh Guide
Download the 2018 Venues North Edinburgh Guide
Download the 2017 Venues North Edinburgh Guide
Download the 2016 Venues North Edinburgh Guide
Download the 2015 Venues North Edinburgh Guide

A Guide to Venues and Festivals in North East England

This guide is published by the North East Exchange, and updated once a year. It provides information about artistic policies opportunities offered by venues and festivals across the North East.

Download the latest Venues and Festivals Guide