Tales of forgotten Stockton take to the Streets

Daniel Bye is has been gathering stories and fables from the local people of Stockton ready for his new show Story Hunt on Wednesday 26 June; a treasure hunt-meets-walking-tour of Stockton’s many presents, those that have been and those that are yet to come. Audience members will be able to accompany Dan as he strolls through sights that can no longer be seen and marvel at monuments that are yet to be raised.

Forgotten sights, buildings, and local heroes will have the life breathed back into them with the help of Daniel’s expert rhetoric during the 1hour theatrical tour.

As Dan says:

Something significant did happen here, and it will happen again. Because we are all part of history, and we all, every one of us, can change it.

• Daniel Bye presents Story Hunt at various times throughout the day in Stockton town center. Tickets are priced F: £5 and can be purchased here.