Previews and Progressions

On Friday 21 June, Alex Swift and Kieran Hurley will be presenting their work in progress show Violence, followed by a preview of Tom Walton’s show, When We Embraced on Wednesday 26 June, prior to a run in at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A collaboration between award-winning playwright Kieran Hurley and award-winning director Alex Swift, Violence is an unflinching investigation into the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which violence shapes our lives, providing a space for reflection on and discussion of the manifold ways, both quiet and loud, that violence projects itself into our world.

Produced by ARC, Tom Walton will be previewing his show When We Embraced in Stockton before its run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This playful and charming show is about the connections we make and about experiencing the best bits and the worst bits in equal measure and enjoyment. It’s a show about embracing things you’ve not embraced before, or at least haven’t admitted to out loud.

Now there is not one but two opportunities to embrace new theatre its earliest availability to the public for free, before these talented artists inevitably perform to sold-out auditoriums in the future.

Violence will be performed on Friday 21 June at 5.30pm, followed by When We Embraced on Wednesday 26 June. Tickets for both performances are free and can be booked on the event page for each event.