Talking Polarbear tells tales at ARC

Polarbear makes things up; stories, jokes, adventures – a master maker-upper. But where did it all begin? Mouth Open Story Jump Out is about the moment that started it all, and how one little decision set off a chain reaction that changed his life forever. International assassins, secret codes, dog eating boa constrictors and much more fill the hole left when a father disappears and a boy discovers a talent for telling tales.

Mouth Open, Story Jump Out is a vivid and absorbing show about the craft of storytelling by Polarbear, one of the UK’s most exciting spoken word artists. The show explores truth and invention, looking at how language is crafted to shape meaning. Connected to the Key Stage 2 and English curriculum, children will develop literacy skills and use their imagination to fill in the gaps in the story, creating their own characters and working as a group to develop narrative.

The audience were thoroughly invested in Polarbear’s tale, fighting over small details and full of questions at the end.

– Irish Times

A great blend of interaction, story-telling, and – most importantly – of story-inspiration for any little person you may know.


He really takes interacting with the audience to a new level.

– Juice Festival Blog

• Polarbear and Battersea Arts Centre present Mouth Open, Story Jump Out on Sat 8 Mar at 11.30am & 2.30pm. Tickets are F: £7.50 and can be purchased here.