What’s On Your Mind? blog – w/c 8 Nov 2021

Text reading 'What's On Your Mind?' in three different coloured speech bubbles

It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch of this project right now with just seven more artist broadcasts to go. But the work is far from over and I have learned this from experiencing the absolute commitment from ARC to its community including its exciting, diverse and growing community of artists. But also by the generosity and openness of the people that I have met, listened to and consulted with whilst working on What’s On Your Mind?.

I think what has been so significant about this project is how the themes and often challenging subject matters shared by the participants and artists alike; change, anger, welcome, escape, future, women, alcohol, money, climate, kindness, care, community, before and lifelines; have given way to some extraordinary expressions of the collective consciousness at this moment in time, right now.

I have had so many incredible conversations during this project and experienced so much hope as well as very real concerns about the state of things now and in the future. Stockton is a place that says, good morning and gives you directions when you are lost, where people are struggling but can always give you the time of day and some help if you need it. It’s a place full of genuine, resilient and friendly people who simply want the best for their community.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with artists from different backgrounds and life experiences who themselves have something urgent to say and who in this project have approached the commissions head on with such creativity but also taken absolute care to allow other people’s voices to be heard within.

When these two things, community and art combine there is so much power. Sometimes only art can articulate something that words alone cannot.

I am proud that long after my role on the project is over these conversations will evolve again in some way and feed into the future of ARC and how it serves its community and I have been very privileged and excited to play a very small part in that.

What’s On Your Mind? continues this Friday 12 November when an exciting new piece of work from Tommy/The Queer Historian will be released at 1pm – please tune in!

Paula Clark
Creative Director – What’s on Your Mind?

Watch the work created for What’s On Your Mind? from Tuesday 19 October – Friday 3 December