We wanted to know what’s on the mind of our local communities – so we thought we’d take some time to ask.

For What’s On Your Mind? we met with lots of different people in the community and groups who call ARC their home to find out more about the hopes and concerns of local people throughout the Borough of Stockton on Tees.

We took these themes and everything else we learned through our conversations with you to commission 14 artists to respond with new pieces of work that will engage with the ideas at the forefront of Stockton’s collective consciousness.

The selected artists will create exciting work to be shared in a range of digital formats, and between Tuesday 19 October and Friday 3 December we will be showcasing that work twice a week at 1pm (both online via our website and in our foyer).

The first two artists who will be presenting work are Henry Raby (Tue 19 Oct) and Dermot Daly (Fri 22 Oct).

Henry Raby – Tue 19 Oct

Headshot of artist Henry Raby

Henry Raby is a punk poet based in York. His work has been described as playful, highly-charged, passionate and anarchic! He’s performed at festivals and in front rooms, equally at ease in the back rooms of pubs to large scale events. He writes about friendship and community, hope and anger all mixed together with an unruly approach to form and style. His debut collection, Nerd Punk, was published by Burning Eye Books in 2018.

Henry co-founded the poetry/spoken word organisation Say Owt. He is part of Vandal Factory theatre company who have toured shows across the UK to all manner of unique and underground spaces. He has worked with youth theatres to create urgent and exciting theatre, and is currently the Broadcasting Worker at Chapel FM Arts Centre. Here, Henry supports people getting into community radio and finding their voice.

Henry will be presenting:

We Don’t Know How To Talk To Each Other

An audio piece written by poet Henry Raby, this collection of local perspectives looks at development and redevelopment and the thoughts and stories beneath the water’s surface. At times fragmented, at other times united, this piece weaves both the past, the present and hopes for the future of Stockton on Tees. Featuring the voice of Lisette Auton.

With BSL:

Read the transcript online
Download the transcript as a Word document
Download the transcript as a PDF


Dermot Daly – Fri 22 Oct

Headshot of artist Dermot Daly

Dermot Daly, amongst other things, is a filmmaker, photographer, and sound artist. His artistic work also incorporates theatre and radio.

Dermot will be presenting:

The Good Old Days

The final sentence of the provocation that triggered this piece is “it’s never going to be as good as it was before”, but just how good was it ‘before’? What have we gained? What have we lost? What might we be?


Other artists presenting work over the coming weeks are:

Leo Skillbeck, Khalid Aljawad, Ross Millard, Barra Collins, Audrey Cook, Tommy, Saya Rose Naruse, Paula Varjack, Leo Mercer, Ben Freeth, Lisette Auton, and Sarah Watson. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be sharing with us – don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday and Friday to find out!

Find out more about the journey of What’s On Your Mind? so far in Creative Director Paula Clark’s blog.