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Festival circuits are an integral part of the filmmaking journey and yet it’s an area of the industry that also suffers from a lack of opportunity for filmmakers that aren’t straight, white and/or male. When looking into indie film festivals during 2019-2020, the Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film found that the festivals they researched selected and/or screened an average of 12 narrative films directed by men, compared to an average of 6 films directed by at least one woman. The 2020 Hollywood Diversity report found that of the top grossing films in 2019, 15.1% were directed by women and 14.4% were directed by people of colour, and GLAAD’s overview of major studio releases in 2019 shows the shocking disparity of LGBTQ+ representation on screen.

With Women X, our goal is to help break down these barriers that underrepresented voices face in the industry. Not only does our weekend-long festival showcase an amazing array of short films from women and non-binary filmmakers, it also brings together people from all across the globe to revel in their love of cinema and support each other in a safe and inclusive space. After the success of 2020, we’ll be bringing back a great variety of workshops, panels, networking opportunities and engaging Q&A sessions with our filmmakers to ensure that Women X’s culture remains intrinsically connected to community and the championing of one another.

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Please note, tickets for this event are not on sale yet, check back after the launch event on Thursday 29 June.