A Stitch in Time commemorates an unprecedented time in global history, through the artistic vision of the children of Crooksbarn Primary School.

Inspired by the works of artists Jose Romussi and Maurizio Anzeri, the children have collated a selection of black and white photographs of memorable times during the past year and embroidered them with rainbow coloured silks.

We chose to capture the images in black and white to show that even the most challenging of times are not always ‘black and white’. For example, even during the most difficult of times, you can experience great joy and even though we were being asked to stay at home and isolate, we were still part of a school community, trying to support each other. We used rainbow coloured silk to embroider our images because a rainbow became a national symbol of unity and hope during the pandemic.

Much has been said about the experiences of young people throughout the pandemic, and at Crooksbarn Primary School we wanted to give our children the opportunity to express their personal experiences and feelings about the past year. This is the work that they have produced. We hope that you enjoy it.

You can see this exhibition in Wellington Square in the window of the ‘Stylish’ unit (opposite River island).