This week we have Aidan Moesby and Daniel Bye in residency working on:

C’mon in, the water’s lovely

A work in four parts

What is the climate cost of keeping me well?

What is the climate cost of disability justice?

How can we square this with the disproportionate harm done to disabled people by a warming world?

C’mon in, the water’s lovely is a work across multiple art forms, each reaching to the other across formal boundaries. The work is funny, highly accessible in every sense, and fuelled by huge and urgent questions about the world.

C’mon in, the water’s lovely is a collaboration between visual artist Aidan Moesby and theatre maker Daniel Bye. It follows their hugely successful Jarman Award-nominated collaboration I Was Naked, Smelling of Rain.

Health, disability, and climate justice are irrevocably linked but seldom discussed. Gentle provocations, humour that might stop you in your tracks, sprinkling revelations and connections like fairydust which will leave you with an itch you just can’t scratch when experiencing this accessible large scale impactful work.

Moesby and Bye are fascinated by the unintended butterfly effects of our every choice. This work will explore those ripples. It leads to some challenging questions.

What is the climate cost of keeping me well? Is it worth it?

Am I, (Moesby), valuable enough or contributing enough to be worth keeping well?

And given the above-observed disproportions, what is the climate cost of climate justice?

Daniel Bye (lead artist) is an award-winning, internationally-touring writer, director and theatre-maker. His work includes Going Viral, The Price of Everything, Arthur, Instructions for Border Crossing and How to Occupy an Oil Rig. As director he has worked for companies including West Yorkshire Playhouse, Royal & Derngate and the Dukes, Lancaster, as well as collaborating regularly with independent artists and theatre-makers such as Aidan Moesby and Holly Gallagher.

Large-scale public realm performances include Wonderstruck (People United/Manchester Museum), We’re Here (Somerset House) and Everything There Ever Was (East Durham Creates). He is an associate artist of ARC Stockton and One Tenth Human.

Aidan Moesby is an artist, curator and writer who explores civic and personal wellbeing through a body of work that is at once playful, intimate, questioning and deeply human. He brings a nuanced and insightful approach to working with climate change and the deep inter-connectedness between the physical and emotional landscape of modern life.

Equally likely to be found beyond formal arts institutions as within them, his practice includes both Disability Arts and mainstream representation.

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