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Duration: 5hrs

Seating: Unreserved seated

ARCADE Platform provides an opportunity for artists to test new work and ideas in front of an audience of peers and venue programmers. This event will consist of six pieces of work in progress performance split across two sessions.

ARCADE Platform offers an exciting opportunity to not only see work at an early stage but to influence it, with the chance to feedback on the work and chat to the artists and companies after the performances. 

Performance Group A: 

Joey, by Gobscure

‘they gave lou reed e.c.t. because he wz bi. dont let them give yu’
joey is a true story about growing up in 80s britain.

a story about playgrounds and care-homes, dms and red laces, punk and cassette tapes, about smashed up tellies and running away, about three kids called spaz, dumbo and psycho – a story of love and rage and surviving it all.

Produced by gobscure in association with Greyscale, developed through Northern Stage residency.

Supported by ACE, Live Theatre and Andrew Lloyd Webber foundation.

Songs to Remember the Good Times, by Conor Rodger

This autobiographical, one man show combines live music with theatrical storytelling to tell the story of a significant moment in Conor’s life. Set to the music that he grew up with the audience joins Conor as he talks about his music, and how it has affected his life. To do that he creates a world on stage based within his playlist of songs. These songs are about growing up, finding your own identity in life, about relationships. They are part of a story that needs sharing.

Move 37, by idontloveyouanymore

Anna and David are in a relationship. For years they’ve been navigating each other’s stuff, each other’s malfunctions, from snoring to depression. In this performance they examine the thought patterns and the games in play within the corrupted systems of human relationships.

Anna and David work together as idontloveyouanymore, partly to make sense of the absurdities around them, and partly so they don’t really have to leave the house. Their work is supported by Lancaster Arts and Theatr Clwyd.

Performance Group B:

Space: A Herstory by Jamie Tansley

Space: A Herstory is a theatre performance which explores LGBTQIA+ spaces; the clubs and bars, squats, cruising areas, cafes, living rooms, the bedrooms, activist groups, support groups, youth groups, the balls, the house parties, the places of protest, the gatherings. Remembered spaces physical and the digital – the MSN chats, the apps. The places that have gone before us, the memories that live in places that no longer exist.

Taking the form of a collective memoir, a live archive and shared experience.  It’s a story created from personal memories, remembered stories from other people and an idea of the future.

Hats, by Mike Edwards

All About my Hats is a show about hats. It is about the hats we wear every day. Literal. Metaphorical. Bobble.  It’s about Indiana Jones’ Fedora. Chaplin’s Bowler. It’s about what we keep under out hats. It’s about what we take our hats off to. It’s about hats worn. Hats worn out. Hats lost. Hats found. And maybe it’s about a bit more than that. But mostly it’s about hats….

Mike Edwards is a poet and performer from Teesside. He  graduated from Teesside University with a degree in English and Media followed by an MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University. He performs live poetry and character comedy regularly in the North East and beyond.

And She, by Bonnie and the Bonnettes

Our mums have taught us everything, how to walk, how to tie our shoes, how to get over a broken heart. But do they have the answers to fix the world we live in? Armed with three microphones, music, and a bottle (or two) of prosecco, Bonnie and The Bonnettes will delve into femininity, womanhood, motherhood.

Bonnie and The Bonnettes will share the music they have been working on for their new show And She, which they have started creating with their sound designer MXYM. They have also spent time with RashDash’s Becky Wilkie, helping them explore the sound of the show.


Pay What You Decide
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