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For the past year, the Tees Valley International Film Festival has been inviting independent filmmakers from all over the world to submit their short films for inclusion in the festival. From the hundreds of entries we received, the following films have been nominated for our Best North East Film award, also known as the Parmo D’Or.

While we champion undiscovered filmmakers from all over the world, our heart lies in our homeland so we celebrate the North East filmmakers with even greater gusto. Therefore, each of the nominated filmmakers will be interviewed after the screening of their short film and there’ll also be a chance to network with the nominees and some other recognisable faces in our VIP area.


Dirty W****r

Katy is sixteen and, like many teenagers, she is exploring her sexuality. Masturbating in the privacy of her bedroom should be the perfect opportunity for this but when her mother unexpectedly witnesses her solo session and shames her in front of the whole family, Katy quickly learns that mother doesn’t always know best.

Dir: Jen Gallagher

Running time: 14mins

Red Fox

In a baron wilderness, a homeless man is kept and tortured, before being let loose into the wild for his delusional religious captors to hunt him for sport.

Dir: Philip Martin

Running time: 18mins

Pay Back

A wealthy property developer goes to the top floor of an art gallery to pay the ransom for his kidnapped son. But when the lift mysteriously stops halfway up the building, he must quickly work out if the young man he is trapped with is just an innocent tourist…or the kidnapper.

Dir: Steve Ramsden

Running time: 18mins

Burnt Toast and Cigarettes

Kicked out of school, Abi has two paths ahead. One leads nowhere but trouble. The other, a glimmer of hope but can she accept her past?

Dir: Paul Stainthorpe

Running Time: 19mins

A Last Resort

A mother and daughter day-trip to the sea-side. As the enigmatic duo regress back to childhood ways, A Last Resort takes a humorous and painfully honest look at mother/daughter relationships and the dastardly life cards so many are dealt.

Dir: Leanne Davis

Running time: 17mins


You can see all these films back-to-back in this block showing of the Tees Valley



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