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Running time: 111 minutes

Seating: Allocated - See Seating Plan for More Details

In Georgian with English subtitles.

A fiercely independent woman’s tranquility is disturbed by an unexpected affair, in this wry, tender and understated drama from Georgia.

A beautiful large field with lots of green, featuring a couple relaxing whilst in conversation.

Etero is a self-contented shop owner and blackberry forager in a small Georgian town.

The couple, the male in a tanned colour shirt and the female in a brown loose fitted top stand opposite one another and firecly look at each other in the eye over the shop counter.

Happily single in her late 40s, she never expected to feel a sudden surge of desire for one of the local men. A deliciously shrewd and refreshing portrait of a woman who doesn’t want, nor needs, to conform.

‘a gentle gem about mid-life love and loneliness’ – ★ ★ ★ ★ The Guardian

‘A New Life Beckons For a Late Bloomer in a Wry Georgian Charmer’ – Variety

‘ A near-death experience sparks an existential and sexual awakening for taciturn shop owner Etero in Elene Naveriani’s enchanting film’ – BFI

Director – Elene Naveriani

Cast – Eka Chavleishvili, Temiko Chichinadze, Lia Abuladze

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  • BBFC rating information (may contain spoilers)


    There are references to the controlling behaviour exercised over a woman by her now deceased father and brother who, after the death of her mother, placed obstacles in the way of her finding a relationship so that she would devote herself to looking after them. In a dream sequence the woman imagines her late brother grabbing her arm and calling her a “whore” after finding out she has been seeing a man.

    Threat and horror

    There is mild threat when the ground at the edge of a ravine gives way under a woman, but she manages to break her fall and clamber to safety.


    There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’), as well as milder terms such as ‘whore’, ‘dick’ and ‘ass’.


    Scenes of strong sex feature the removal of underwear, riding, thrusting and sexual moaning. A woman fondles herself over her clothing and moves her hand inside her skirt. Moderate sex references include comments about virginity and medication used to enhance sexual performance.


    Unkind comments are made about a woman’s size and weight by her female companions, but she challenges them and says she is perfectly happy with the way she looks.

    Sexual violence and sexual threat

    A young women endures crude sexist behaviour when she is wolf-whistled in the street by a group of men.

    Injury detail

    Dream sequences feature sight of dead bodies, but without strong injury detail. A person has minor cuts on their hands and leg following an accident.


    There is penis, breast and buttock nudity during the establishment of sexual activity.


    There are mild upsetting scenes related to illness, including cancer.