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Running time: Film 20mins + Q&A 40mins (approx)

Seating: Allocated - See Seating Plan for More Details

Please join us for a screening of Broken Hearts for the DWP: a short documentary by Dolly Sen. Broken Hearts for the DWP is about how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is driving disabled people to starvation and suicide, and how disabled people are fighting back using art, love and rage. The film is about two art interventions at the DWP to protest the deaths of disabled people from current DWP policy, and includes an interview with Joy Dove, mother of Jodey Whiting, who took her own life after her benefits were wrongly stopped.

Joy Dove is a local to ARC and will be attending the event in person to answer any questions in the Q&A session after the screening. Dolly Sen, the director, and Caroline Cardus, the producer, will be joining online.

Content Advisory: The film includes themes of suicide, discovery of suicide, and people starving to death.