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In this workshop, you’ll discover ways to bring creativity, mindfulness, relaxation and organisation into your daily life, by learning the techniques of bullet journaling and calligraphy.

Bullet journals are a flexible, visual and creative way to stay on track of goals, task lists, journaling, plans, dreams and ideas.

Our experienced artist, Alice, will guide you to design your own bullet journal using a range of creative techniques, including calligraphy.  You’ll also explore ways to customise content to meet your needs and interests – from work, home life and hobbies, to travel, health, or self-care.

The cost of the workshop includes your bullet journal and a selection of creative materials to use during the session.  

About Alice

Our bullet journaling and calligraphy instructor Alice is a North East based artist with strong links to Stockton and to ARC. She specialises in hand-lettering and uses her skills to create bright and joyful greetings cards and art prints, as well as designing her own bullet journal spreads.