Cafe Scientifique – Stockton on Tees

7.45pm, Tuesday 21 March 2023

We are delighted to be joined by

Peter Worrall

Mathematical Physicist and

Technical Services Director, JDR Cables Systems Ltd, Hartlepool

A brief history of the measurement of time: and why it matters

We look forward to seeing you in ARC at our earlier time of 7.45pm for our March Cafe to find out more about the mysteries of the measurement of time.

You can make your contribution in ARC using the collection boxes provided. If you would prefer to pay on line please contact [email protected] for details.

Peter says he intends to explore the anomalies between our familiar sense of time, where are we in the repeating daily and annual cycles with the concept of time as metered by a universal, constantly ticking clock. He will take us through our biological clocks, sundials and the loss of 12 days when the UK adopted the Gregorian calendar. He’ll also talk about the accuracy of clocks, how they’re synchronised and concept of we humans being time travellers. He hopes our audience will leave with a deeper, truer and even more beautiful description of the multidimensional universe that we all lucky enough to inhabit.

About Peter Worrall

Peter is a mathematical physicist by training but has spent almost all of his working life exploring the interesting second order effects to help to design so that they work better than they would otherwise have done. For the last 15 years he has worked for JDR Cables, the local company that makes sub-sea power cables to connect off-shore wind turbines back to shore. He is presently planning the new factory at Blyth making longer, larger and cables to connect floating structures to our grid. While mathematics, the language of science, has been the key tool to enable this, he is always excited to share how important maths is (because it works) but he wants to share mathematics’ intrinsic beauty with others.

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