Cafe Scientifique – Stockton on Tees

7.45pm, Tuesday 18 April 2023

We are delighted to be joined by

Professor Volker Pickert

Director of Discipline Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Director of EPSRC CDT Sustainable Electric Propulsion

School of Engineering, Newcastle University

Are electric cars as green as we think?


There’s a change of format for our April Cafe. Professor Volker Pickert, who many Cafe goers have seen before when our Cafes were on Zoom, is bringing seven PhD students who will ask, and help us get the answer to, the question ‘are electric cars as green as we think?’ Please come along and be part of this interesting and important discussion.

You can make your contribution in ARC using the collection boxes provided. If you’d prefer to pay on line the details are available at the event. Please put your name as a reference. Thank you

We all assume that electric cars are greener than petrol driven cars. But are they? In a departure from our usual format we’re very grateful to Volker Pickert who is bringing seven PhD students to the Cafe to discuss this important issue. There will opportunities to ask questions and offer your own views. Please bring a friend along, particularly a younger person who may be interested in this area of science as a career. We’re in for an interesting evening!

About Volker Pickert

Volker is director of discipline in electrical and electronic engineering at Newcastle University’s school of engineering. He presented to the Cafe on Zoom about TEV, the Tracked Electric Vehicle project in June 2021.

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