Dr David R Chadwick

Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough 

The world changed early in 2020 when the first major pandemic of the 21st century, COVID-19, began causing havoc including substantial numbers of deaths. The race was on to develop and test vaccines to mitigate this infection with vast resources channelled toward research and development. The challenges were immense, not least because no effective vaccine had previously been developed for coronaviruses. This talk will address the process by which several effective vaccines were developed and tested and the challenges which remain in terms of protecting vulnerable people against this new virus.

Dr David Chadwick is a consultant and senior lecturer in infectious diseases based at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. He trained in Cambridge and Singapore before moving back to the North East in 2003. His special and research interests include HIV and vaccines, including strategies to prevent infections in vulnerable and immunocompromised people. He has also worked in West and East Africa on HIV research and is an executive, trustee member of the British HIV Association. He has led a number of vaccine trials and is the local principal investigator for the Novavax and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trials