*Please note: This talk will be taking place via Zoom only.*

Professor Brett Smith

President, International Society of Qualitative Research in Sport & Exercise

Director of Research, Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences Durham University

When we think of disability, sport and physical activity many images and assumptions can come mind. These often include the athlete that inspires, the superhuman Paralympian, the wannabe Paralympian, the physically active benefit cheat or welfare scrounger and the poor young disabled child who needs help. This talk will unpack such images and assumptions in the hope of generating a more accurate and affirmative dialogue about disability and what it means to be human.

Brett Smith is a professor of disability and physical activity in the department of sport and exercise sciences at Durham University. He has conducted research with disabled people and numerous organisations for over 20 years such as Disability Rights UK, Sport England, the European Disability Golf Association and the Department of Health and Social Care. He also is the chair of the Disability and Physical Activity Expert Working Group for the Chief Medical Officer’s Disability and Physical Activity Guidelines.

Brett’s most favourite place to talk about research is in The Station House pub in Durham. Along with research, he is passionate about music. He also enjoys playing Lego, Connect 4 and mini golf with his young son as well as jumping on the trampoline with him.

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