Professor Charlotte Roberts, Emeritus Professor, Department of Archaeology, Durham University

Let the dead teach the living: Infectious Diseases Revealed by Excavating and Studying Archaeological Remains

Charlotte Roberts is a bioarchaeologist and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Archaeology, Durham University. Her research lies in the study and interpretation of our ancestors’ health and well-being, and specifically the origin and evolution of infectious diseases. Elected to the British Academy as a Fellow in 2014 in recognition of excellence in bioarchaeological research, she has presented her research at conferences across the globe, supervised over 30 PhD students, and been involved in public engagement activities all her academic life (talks, exhibitions, production of resources). She has published over 200 book chapters and journals, authored/co-authored five books (Leprosy: Past and Present, The Bioarchaeology of Tuberculosis: a global perspective on a re-emerging disease, Health and Disease in Britain: from prehistory to the present day and Human Remains in Archaeology: a handbook and The Archaeology of Disease, both of these having been translated into Chinese) and been involved with five co-edited books (The backbone of Europe: Health, Diet, Work and Violence over Two Millennia, A Global History of Paleopathology: Pioneers and Prospects and The Past and Present of Leprosy).

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