Cafe Scientifique – Stockton on Tees 7.45pm, Tuesday 20 June 2023 We are delighted to be joined by

Professor Steven L Cobb

Professor of Chemical-Biology and Director of the Biophysical Sciences Institute (Biophysical Sciences Institute – Durham University )

Neglected Tropical Diseases: tackling a global health challenge

We look forward to seeing you in ARC for our June Cafe to find out more about this interesting and little-known area of science. This is the last Café before our summer break. We are back at ARC on Tuesday 12 September, one week earlier than usual.

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About the subject

American Trypanosoma and Leishmania are the causative agents of two of 17 Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs); a collection of infections characterized by a lack of control measures and major impacts on developing nations. These insect vector-borne parasites are the cause of Chagas Disease and Leishmaniasis respectively. Despite recent efforts in areas such as vector control, cases of Chagas Disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi and leishmaniasis, caused by Leishmania spp, remain high – up to 7m infected and 1.7m new cases per year respectively. There is an urgent need to identify and validate new drug targets to treat these diseases. The impact of NTDs on global health will be described and an overview of the work carried out within the Cobb group to target NTDs will be provided.

About our speaker

Professor Steven L. Cobb is based within the Department of Chemistry at Durham University (UK). He is currently the Director of the Biophysical Sciences Institute (2019-, Durham) and was recently the Deputy Co-ordinator of the GCRF-Medical Research

Council Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases-(2017-2022, 14 global partners). His research interests are focused on the development of new therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and in the design of chemical tools to aid in the validation of new drugs targets. Steven was the secretary of the Royal Society of Chemistry Peptide and Protein Science Group (2018-2022), and he is currently the elected UK representative on the European Peptide Society council. He has served as a scientific panel member for both the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Biotechnological and Biological Sciences Research Councils in the UK. Professor Cobb has raised over £18m in research funding and published more than 75 papers and patents in the areas of peptide /peptoid chemistry, organo-fluorine chemistry and chemical-biology.

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