Cybercrime is a large and seemingly unavoidable consequence of the world in which we live. It varies from spam emails and texts through to ransomware attacks on a system which can bring down an entire system. We now have the problem that attackers are getting more ‘smart’ by using our data against us. We therefore need to up our game as well. In this talk I shall present some of the latest Artificial Intelligence approaches which are being used in order to combat these cybercriminals.

Dr Stephen McGough is a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University who is working at the intersection of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. His research focus is on applying the latest research approaches from Deep Learning to the problems of Cyber Attacks. In addition he is looking at how AI technologies could be used to attack systems and hence how we can defend against these up-coming attack vectors.

This month’s Cafe Scientifique is via Zoom. Access to the talk can be requested by emailing [email protected]