Cafe Scientifique – Stockton on Tees

7.45pm, Tuesday 21 February 2023

Please note earlier start time

We are delighted to be joined by

Fiona Erskine

Local Author and Chemical Engineer

The periodic table of an engineering life: a journey through a career in engineering and the chemical elements met along the way

We look forward to seeing you in ARC at our earlier time of 7.45pm for our February Cafe, to find out more about Fiona Erskine and her sightseeing tour of the periodic table.

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Fiona will take us on a sightseeing tour around the periodic table, dropping in on some of the chemical elements that entranced her over a 40-year career in heavy industry: from night shift in a fertiliser factory (7N 15P 19K) to Whitehall advocacy for net zero (6C ) via catalyst activation in India (1H), technology transfer in China (22Ti) and a visit to Chernobyl (92U).

NPK Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

I Iodine

Sb Antimony

H Hydrogen

S Sulphur

Ti Titanium

U Uranium

C Carbon

About Fiona Erskine

Fiona, who lives in Eaglescliffe, grew up in Edinburgh. After winning a national engineering scholarship, she graduated in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge. Her work has taken her across Europe and round the world via Brazil, India and China. She has written a number of novels; the first being The Chemical Detective (published in 2019).She has turned rock into fertilizer, recycled solvents, recovered precious metals, brought medicines to market, made amazing new polymers and catalysts, demolished factories, directed international construction projects to build new ones, set up a global pigment business and generated electricity from woody biomass. If you have a family member or friend who is considering a career in this area please bring them along! They will have the chance to ask Fiona about her experience.