We are delighted to be joined by

Dr John Canning

Retired GP and member of Cleveland Beekeepers

We welcome you back after the summer break with what promises to be an excellent talk on The Wonder of the Honeybee.

Individual honeybees make up a colony which exists as a potentially never-ending superorganism.  Honeybees make decisions collectively and democratically staking the continuation of the colony, and its genetic line, on collective fact finding, vigorous debate and consensus. Bees evolved alongside angiosperms, the flowering plants, and offer each other bribes and rewards for mutually beneficial activity.

Although reputed to be in decline, honeybees in England are thriving despite the constant effect and threat of exotic pests and diseases.  Sadly, other countries’ honeybees are not faring so well; a number of British wild bee species are listed as in need of protection.

About our speaker

John is a retired GP who has been keeping bees for about 10 years.  He is a third-generation beekeeper; his daughter making the fourth generation.

John’s first year in beekeeping was a steep learning curve, but at the end of it resulted in winning prizes at the Cleveland Beekeepers annual show.  He has continued to win prizes for honey, beeswax, mead and other products of the hive at local shows, the Great Yorkshire Show and National Honey Show.

John is actively involved with Cleveland Beekeepers, its Introduction to Beekeeping course, talking about beekeeping to groups and attending various summer events.

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