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Dr Callum Macgregor is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Hull University, and is an enthusiastic naturalist who has been lucky enough to fall into a scientific career studying the ecology of (mostly) butterflies and moths.

He is interested in the ways in which individual organisms, populations and entire ecological communities respond to changes in their environment, especially those caused by human activities. His research has ranged from detailed single-species experimental and field studies to analysis of ecological communities’ dynamics over periods of years to decades.

His PhD (at Newcastle University, and for which he received the Royal Entomological Society’s prestigious Alfred Russel Wallace Award, 2016-17), examined the importance of moths as an underappreciated group of pollinators, and the threat posed to this group by light pollution at night.

He then spent three years at the University of York, studying the resilience of butterflies and moths to climate change: the topic of this Webinar. Now based at the University of Hull, he is conducting research on the ecological and social value of brownfield sites.

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