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Do you have time to kill? Would you like to meet more local people, find a new hobby, or even uncover a hidden talent? If so, The Creative Arts Recruitment Squad are here to help!

This event provides an opportunity to chat with friendly people experienced in writing and publishing books, photography and filmmaking, music and singing, art and crafting, writing for stage and screen, and drawing and painting. And after we’ve introduced you to these art forms, will signpost you to local workshops, and mentors, and we’ll help you form your own creative groups.

We want to recruit new creatives from all over Teesside, but we want to start with Stockton first. So if you’re looking to meet new people and develop your social life, if you’ve felt a bit isolated over the last year, and you’d like to get back to using your community centres, village halls and venues – whether you want to be involved with the creative arts as a hobby for your own mental health or well-being – if you want to be the next best-selling author or the next famous painter at the Saatchi gallery, we can help!

Writing and publishing – CG Hatton

Gillie has been running Billingham-based Sixth Element Publishing for over ten years, helping new writers from all over the region to realise their dreams of seeing their name in print. Gillie has written a series of nine action-packed sci-fi novels entitled The Thieves Guild.

Writing for stage and screen – Lisa Lovebucket

Lisa is founder of Teesside Literary Society and Arts Lab Teesside. Her plays have been staged at The Horse Hospital (London), Middlesbrough Central Library and Featherstone Castle (Haltwhistle). This year she has produced film poems for Base Camp Boro and Hartlepool Waterfront Festival.

Drawing and painting – Adrian Moule

Adrian is a painter and printmaker who works with local communities, supporting people to develop and engage in their own ideas. Adrian runs creative health group, 2B, and Teesside Print Prize, helping people to showcase their work in Middlesbrough town centre.

Arts and crafts – Andy Falconer

Andy works alongside his sister, Sarah Falconer, who set up Steel River Crafts to teach people mindful doodling, and offer tuition in arts and crafts. Steel River Crafts also set up an online shop which sells personalised pyrography, crocheted miniatures, and wearable art.

Photography and filmmaking – Ian Robinson

Ian produces dramatic work in any setting and environment – from beautiful countryside to urban decay, and corporate work to weddings. Ian’s skills include straight-up shooting with basic equipment, to more complex work using filters and effects.

Music and singing – Jamie Sample

Once an award-winning arts volunteer, Jamie is now an artist in his own right, as well as a singer-songwriter with an extraordinary voice. He sings with Streetwise Opera and the newly-formed local community choir, SYSTEMIC.