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General Prices: £12 / Tables £14

Seating: Reserved seated

Starring MC Danny Mcloughlin, John Fothergill, Steve Gribbin and Hannah Silvester

Catch22 favourite and leading MC Danny Mcloughlin is heading up hosting duties. His innate comic timing and confident stage presence combined with a finely tuned ability to react and think on his feet make for a winning comic recipe. This combination means Danny is widely regarded as one of the best MCs on the circuit and a regular compere for the coveted Edinburgh Comedy Award Galas.

Headliner John Fothergill was born to be on the stage. Effortlessly funny, he combines witty banter with shed loads of Geordie charm.

‘A top comedy turn and a right funny bloke’ – The Sun

‘Everything he says is funny’ – The Guardian

Steve Gribbin is a diminutive guitar-wielding satirist from Liverpool whose scabrous comedy songs and off the wall observations have made him one of the firm favourites of the comedy circuit. Steve’s original comedy songs combine razor sharp lyrics with tunes that put their foot in the door of your mind and refuse to leave.
Firmly based in rock ‘n’ roll and refusing to pull no punches, these are not the ‘oh so witty’ ditties of penguin-suited plink plonk piano playing posh gobs. They are that rarity – comedy songs which are actually funny.

Hannah Silvester has been performing for around six years. Based in Birmingham, she is a regular on the West Midlands comedy circuit and is busy gigging around the country for many comedy clubs and promoters.  Her set combines frank and honest material with a warm delivery and the occasional comedy song thrown into the mix. 
She’s a woman with a lot of attitude, and a way of expressing it that is often hilariously blunt. She revels in her bad parenting, is withering about sexist behaviour, and frank about ageing.