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ARC Stockton, a multi-artform venue led by Annabel Turpin, and Little Cog, a disabled-led theatre company led by Vici Wreford-Sinnott, worked together to develop Cultural Shift, a three year programme which was both strategic and artistic and continues to have an incredible legacy.

We’re holding an event to tell you all about the work we did, the problems and solutions we encountered, and to share some tips for good practice. The event will be a mix of sharing our learning, an opportunity to chat about key considerations and a chance to ask questions. We’re not aiming to tell you the rules of ‘how to do this correctly’ as it will be different for every venue and disabled -led company but we can definitely point you in the right direction, and pose some useful questions for how it might work for you.

Disability equality in the arts is firmly on the agenda and rightly so as disabled stories have been missing for too long. All funders want to see improved equality around disability and it relates to all parts of Arts Council England’s ‘Let’s Create’ strategy. Many people often just don’t know where to begin with disability – we began small, learned from our experience, until we were able to take on the bigger project of Cultural Shift. We aim to take some of the mystery out of working with disabled people in meaningful ways.

We’ll tell you about Arctic Piranha Club Nights, brand new touring theatre productions, Full Circle our resident learning disability theatre company, exhibitions, disability equality training, our front of house staff using BSL, accessibility, upskilling the organisations, our symposium, creative conversations, programming incredible work by disabled artists and some fantastic participation activities.

We think what we’ve achieved would be really useful learning for other organisations in the creative sector, so why not book onto our free event to find out more. We’ll be producing a guide to go with the event which we’ll launch on the day.

For more information about Cultural Shift visit here.