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We’ve heard from the Maidens, and from the Mothers, so now of course we must give the stage to the Crones! For the third and final Deranged Poetesses of 2018, we welcome six women poets from across the North to share their unique approaches to cronehood. Expect humour, defiance, witches, role models, subversion, surprises and beauty as we blend words and images to bring you a poetry night like no other…

peek-a-booM – Now You See Me! by Joy France

Entwining her own story of growing old disgracefully with observations on the negative stereotypes of older women from nursery rhymes to the mainstream media, Nationwide poet and granny rapper Joy France shows us how she (finally) found her voice.

“croneshadow stumbles ahead of me” by Polly Atkin

Using ‘pain selfies’ and shadow portraits, Polly Atkin unpicks the misogynist and ableist ideas about ugliness, age and decrepitude that circle the word ‘crone’, draws parallels between ageing and living with chronic illness, and asks what it means to say something or someone is invisible?

Own The Crone by Izzy Brittain

Using her madcap mash-up of spoken word, live art and ‘tribute dances’, Izzy invites us to re-imagine archetypal crones from Baba Yaga to Lilith, and celebrate modern real-life inspirational crones like Dales farmer Hannah Hauxwell, Viv Albertine of punk band The Slits, and Bernice Bates – the oldest yogi on earth.

After Ever After by Carmen Marcus

So what happens after the fairytale wedding? Inspired by the voices of her own strong female relatives, Carmen tells the ‘third act’ stories of three iconic heroines. As an older woman, what can Cinderella teach about power dressing? How has Gretel learned to listen to her body about food? What does Sleeping Beauty know about insomnia?

Mutton Boots by Zoe Murtagh

Drawing on conversations with many women about what it means to grow old radically, Zoe brings us spoken-word-theatre-protest-live art-cabaret performance about the politics of invisibilty, desirability and chaos for the modern crone.

The Beautiful Emancipation by Julie Easley

What were the voices that held her back, the pressures that inhibited her younger self? In an epic poem illustrated by dioramas and animations of remodelled and defaced dolls, Julie will celebrate the sexual emancipation of the crone, and revel in the Fearless Age of Don’t Give A Fuck!


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