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Duration: 2hrs

Seating: Unreserved seated

Deranged Poetesses returns with their unique blend of contemporary poetry performed to a slideshow of evocative images, responding to the theme of Sound | Wave. Their first confirmed performer, and leader of the afternoon workshop, is Sheffield-based performer Genevieve Carver. Usually found touring with her band The Unsung, Genevieve has just completed a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe with her second full poetry-and-music show A Beautiful Way To Be Crazy.

Genevieve Carver : She Tells Sea Shells

In 2018 a ‘digital seashell’ of wave sound was launched for Mental Health Awareness week, based on evidence that listening to the sound of the ocean can have a positive effect on wellbeing. Genevieve explores how her relationship with the sea has helped her through some of her personal struggles in this poetic meditation on the healing power of connecting with nature.

Julie Easley : cries and screams are music to their ears

Soundwave is a famous Decepticon – a Transformer robot gone bad. He can fold down into a cassette tape, but when he first came to earth he spent 23 years trapped in a car stereo! Julie Easley tells the saga of those lost years through a mash-up of music and character voices, as the car’s successive owners struggle with the evil in the tape-player.

Ayomide Abolaji : Cause & Effect

Rising star of Manchester’s legendary collective, Young Identity, Ayo storms the stage with work that uses body percussion, singing, silence, dance and spoken word, asking the audience to join her in experiencing the tide of the voice.

Sorcha McCaffrey : kwaɪət kwɪə

The invitation of quiet spaces. Words learned on the page before ever being spoken, their sounds warped, definitions morphed. Queerness found when fictional heroines beckon. kwaɪət kwɪə is about tiny sounds like the shift of paper on fingertips, sending secret messages to the people who need them, and the weird vibe of the library.

Colly Metcalfe : The Sound Of My Silence

A girl slips from her bed in the moonlight and embarks on a journey full of all the senses but one. Performed entirely in British Sign Language by deaf poet and actor, Coll Metcalfe opens up a world of silence – not waving, but signing.

Katie Jarman : He Said She Said

How much damage can a soundbite do? He Said She Said is one story about two people on one night, but the story is universal and the behaviours are not individual – they are the result of a wave of misogyny and a wave of female empowerment crashing together.


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