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Pay What You Decide

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Celebrate the  50th anniversary of the Moon Landings with the Deranged Poetesses, as they blend poetry, performance, music and projected visuals on the theme of Space | Exploration. This unique event brings together female and non-binary performers from across the north, including;


Keisha Thompson – Lunar
A mixture of song, poetry and loop pedalling explores an unusual father-daughter relationship through the semantic field of space exploration and afro-futurism. Using material from her book, Lunar, Keisha journeys through space and time to answer questions about family love and mental health.

Isabelle Kenyon – 64 High-Flying Women
There are 64 women who have flown in to space, 37 of whom have spent time on board the International Space Station. In 13 minutes and 40 slides, Isabelle will tell you the story of every one!

Katrina Porteous – Field
Field is an astonishing journey marrying live poetry, specially-composed music, cutting-edge science and real space photographs, to explore the strange quantum worlds created at the Big Bang.

Hannah Lasagne – Escape Velocity
Star Trek was cancelled, but after the first moon landing the show became an overnight success. Meanwhile, Hannah was stuck on Earth, yearning for her own escape velocity – but the most complex technology she owned was an Etch-A-Sketch.

Lisa Louise Lovebucket – If We Knew Why, We Wouldn’t Be Doing It
When Lisa joined a pilgrimage from the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset to the Super Hadron Collider in CERN in an attempt to re-set the universe, she had no idea that it would involve rituals involving wizards, time dancers, false teeth, sperm hats, and sending an interpretive dance into space.

Katie Greenbrown – Stargazers
She’s the dealer daughter of the God of this god-awful mess. He has a PhD in Astro-Physics and the street-sav of an eight-year-old. This Postmodern Love Story is an epic tale of love, loss and star gazing set among the tower blocks of a half-imagined future.