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The Festival of Light and Colour is Stockton’s annual celebration to mark the festival of Diwali. The festival will be hosted by ARC and will take place in person and online with a series of activities and opportunities for people of all ages to take part!

This year’s event will be hosted by Umar Butt, and will feature a variety of performances from dances to stand-up!

Stand-up from Daman Bamrah:

Image of British-Sikh comedian Daman Bamrah

Daman Bamrah is one of the most exciting and unique new comic voices to emerge from the London circuit. A British-Sikh performer with energy, raw wit and heart, the in demand Daman is known for his topical writing, acute observations and imaginative storytelling. His blend of carefully crafted jokes along with his signature charm have already secured him top spots at the country’s leading venues including Angel Comedy Club, Up The Creek and The Museum of Comedy.

Dance from Navrang Arts:

Image of a group of Bollywood dancers

Navrang Arts is a north-east based multicultural dance group, with diversity and inclusion at its heart. Established since 1994 under the founder Daksha Asher, it aims to promote Indian art and culture to the youths in the local area. Over the years, Navrang Arts has attracted people of all ages, cultures, religions and races, making it a truly vibrant and multicultural team. Daksha creatively aspires to produce unique blends of performance styles giving her audience the entertainment they expect. Daksha did her apprenticeship in dance, music and drama in her native Mumbai. She studied and gained exceptional talent in dance under some of the Masters of Indian dance and music. One of her gurus Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of the top Bollywood film directors of today’s time. She went on to appear on many dance shows and has made numerous television appearances. Navrang Arts has been a pioneer in breaking down cultural barriers in the area, where youths are able to engage, understand and learn about each other’s culture, whilst also learning fast paced and exciting Bollywood dance routines. These routines are often showcased at various events, where the wider community are involved, further cementing the inclusive nature of the group. “Daksha Asher, through her unique and creative approach uses a fusion of styles to provide young people inspiration to learn, perform and continue the timeless tradition in multicultural settings of the North East Region.”

The event is funded by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.

You can watch the Village, a story by artist Umar Butt below.

In the video below artist Polly Abbott will guide you through how to make your own paper lantern.