GIBBO IS GOD is the keenly anticipated solo exhibition from Tees-based artist Bobby Benjamin. The collection comprises a series of new, previously unseen works reflecting on themes of class and place.

Working in found paint and video, Benjamin will present a body of work that addresses concerns of class appropriation and that explores poverty as a cultural currency.

This collection of paintings – his largest to date – represents an idiosyncratic response to his lived experiences while paying homage to some of the artist’s favourite pieces of graffiti from his home region.

GIBBO IS GOD is co-curated by award-winning artist John James Perangie.


Benjamin is an English artist living in Middlesbrough, UK. His work is held in the Middlesbrough Collection at MIMA. He is co-founder of arts organisation Pineapple Black Arts and co-curator of collaborative arts initiative Picasso Baby. He holds an MA in Fine Art from the MIMA School of Art.

You can follow Benjamin’s practice on Instagram – @bobbybenjamin