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Give Them Wings is based on the autobiography of disabled Darlington F.C. fan Paul Hodgson. Diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just 10 months, Paul’s parents were told he would never move or speak.

Set in 1989, the film takes us through Paul’s journey of heartbreak, suffering, discrimination and love, recounting his struggle to care for his mother, his experience of the Community Care system, education and employment, the loyalty of his friends and finally finding acceptance with both his father and the wider world.

Paul’s positivity shines through his story of fortitude in the face of severe odds and it offers a unique insight into what it means to be disabled in modern society. A hugely important film which encourages us to accept everybody for who they are, and not what they appear to be. Paul is now 55 years old and has gone on to become an award-winning film producer and screenwriter.

Awarded Best UK Feature and Best British Feature at the 2021 London Independant Film Awards, Give Them Wings follows in the footsteps of other real human interest stories which embrace the discrimination of the disabled and turn it on its head, such as My Left Foot, Billy Elliot, The Intouchables and I Daniel Blake.

Starring Bill Fellows (Coronation Street) and pop sensation Toyah Willcox.