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Some memories are so clear, that even if they happened years ago, they feel like yesterday. Others come back only for a moment in an encounter, a touch, a conversation.

But how much of what we think we remember, actually happened?

Six people search for connections with each other through a series of half remembered conversations and movements.

With a title that references a line from the Billy Wilder film The Foreign Affair, when Marlene Dietrich is being urged to remember something, this intimate, dreamlike performance explores the fleeting nature of memory, and the moments we can never really get back.

‘Exquisite impressionistic expression of memories & pleasure’ (Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh, ZENDEH)

‘Visually entrancing’ (HOME, Manchester)

‘Filled with humour and passion; blurring the lines between dance, theatre and live art. An exceptional offering’ (Charlotte Maxwell, Theatre Critic , Manchester)

‘Sublime, fleeting, precious and human’ (Audience member, DanceCity, Newcastle)


Pay What You Decide
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