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Retired widow Nancy Stokes hires a good-looking young sex worker called Leo Grande, in the hope of enjoying a night of pleasure and self-discovery after an unfulfilling married life.

The screenings on Sat 9 Jul at 2pm, Wed 13 Jul at 2pm, and Thu 14 Jul at 7.30pm will have descriptive subtitles.

Audio Description is available with screenings of Good Luck to You, Leo Grande.


  • BBFC Ratings Info (May Contain Spoilers)

    There are frequent references to different sexual activities during scenes in which a sex worker engages with his client about what she would like them to do together. There are also scenes of strong sex in which a couple engage in several sex acts and have sex in varying sexual positions; the scenes include nudity.

    There is use of strong language (‘f**k’), accompanied by other milder terms (‘pussy’, ‘slut’, ‘bloody’, ‘shit’, ‘bullshit’, ‘arsehole’, ‘sod’, ‘whore’, ‘Christ’, ‘God’ and ‘damn’).

    There are verbal references to sexual violence, but these lack explicit details.

  • Information about screenings with descriptive subtitles

    Descriptive subtitles, sometimes referred to as subtitles for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing people or captions, transcribe dialogue and relevant aspects of the soundtrack, including music and sound effects, attempting to give D/deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers an equal experience to those who are able to watch films without descriptive subtitles. Descriptive subtitles would include speech identifiers and descriptive elements such as [door slamming] and [kettle whistling].

  • Information about screenings with Audio Description

    Audio description is commentary that aims to describe body language, expressions and movements to blind or visually impaired audience members, thereby offering additional information about the film through sound. Our cinema is equipped with a system that delivers audio description through a headset. The audio description runs each time the film is shown and is undetectable to anyone not wearing a headset.

    Many of our cinema screenings have an audio description facility. If you would like to use it when visiting our cinema, please let the Box Office know when booking your tickets. You can also let us know this by using the access requirements box when booking online.