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Dunstan Bruce, Sophie Robinson


Dunstan Bruce

Dunstan Bruce is 59 and he’s struggling with the fact that the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart.

He’s wondering where did it all go wrong? For him. For humanity. Twenty years after his fall from grace, the former frontman of the anarchist band Chumbawamba is angry and frustrated.

But how does a middle-aged, retired radical, who now feels invisible get back up again?

In this punk version of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ Dunstan is visited by the antagonistic ghost of his anarchist past. It is his alter ego, ‘Babyhead’ who forces him to question his own life, sending him on a search for his long-lost anarchist mojo.

This is the untold and remarkable story of Chumbawamba and Dunstan’s personal redemptive voyage as well as a call to arms to those who think activism is best undertaken by someone else.

An extraordinary, inspiring film for our times.

The film is followed by a Q&A with Dunstan Bruce, hosted by Bob Fischer.


ARC Staff Pick: Louise Wilkin | Deputy Marketing Manager

“I was a huge Chumbawamba fan when I was younger. They might be described by some as ‘one-hit wonders’, but they were much more than that for me (I was so excited the night they played at my university’s students’ union – looking back, I think it was quite a formative experience for me with live music!). Because of this, I didn’t hesitate to book a ticket when founding member Dunstan Bruce appeared at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton last autumn with his one-man theatre show Am I Invisible Yet? It was a brilliant evening, and when the subject of this documentary came up in the post-show Q&A, I knew it was something we’d love to have at ARC! In I Get Knocked Down, Dunstan has a fascinating story to tell about the history of Chumbawamba and his own journey – and as Dunstan was born and grew up in Billingham, I think it’s going to be quite special to see this film on the big screen in Stockton. It promises to be another memorable night.”

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