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General Prices: Free

Duration: 2hrs

Seating: Unreserved seated

Vocalist, musician and voice coach Jacqui Wicks takes over our usual TWP Sharing Group in August with this wonderful workshop, in which we will learn about the traditions and lyrical forms of blues music.

August 10th, 1920, Mamie Smith walked into a recording studio in New York and made history by recording the first Blues song. 100 years on, women are still singing of their lived experience through The Blues.

Through research and interviews conducted with women from many different backgrounds, Jacqui is examining the impact and relevance of the early blues pioneers who were largely women performers. Does the music still have relevance, is the form useful, is there comfort in finding a way to sing of our own troubles?

In this workshop you will hear some of the songs and stories of those early blues pioneers, learn about blues form and write your own blues.

The emphasis in this workshop is on the writing and sharing of blues narratives, those who wish to can join in the singing.