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Running time: 80 minutes

Seating: Allocated - See Seating Plan for More Details

A government whistle-blower and his up-front wife are sent to reside in an isolated house in Belgium.

Joined by two close protection officers as they await the arrival of a British journalist with the aim of telling their truth, but is the world ready for it?

Starring Tom Burke who featured in Robert Galbraith pseudonym J.K.Rowling’s novel, adapted to a BBC crime series following detective Cormoran Strike.

Times review

Film Stories- It’s impressively assured stuff for Maskell’s debut feature, and that it was all accomplished during lockdown in almost one single location is all the more remarkable. The tightrope scripts like this have to walk is a perilous one, but between Klokkenluider and All My Friends Hate Me, it’s turning out to be a stellar year for the British indie comedy/thriller. ★★★★

Evening Standard- Klokkenluider’ is the Flemish word for ‘whistle-blower’ and this film by actor-turned-director Neil Maskell is a darkly comic thriller celebrates those who fly under the radar. ★★★★

Critical Popcorn- Taut and tension-fuelled, disturbing yet watchable, setting up comfort and comedy alongside the unsettling whilst using the finest of thin lines….★★★★

The Crack Review- Maskell maintains a brisk pace over an economic 85-minute running time while summoning up a palpable sense of unease via charged, unsettling dialogue. The feeling of disorientation is augmented by Andy Shortwave’s retro synth score and cinematographer Nick Gillespie’s skewwhiff framing and oppressive rendering of the overcast Belgium skies. It’s an oblique debut but a compelling one.

Director: Neil Maskell

Cast: Jenna Coleman, Tom Burke, Amit Shah

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  • BBFC rating information (may contain spoilers)


    There is a scene of strong violence featuring a shooting with resulting blood spurting detail. Dead bodies are shown lying in a small pool of blood during a darkly lit scene.

    Threat and horror

    There are occasional scenes of mild threat and suspense.


    Infrequent very strong language (‘c**t’) occurs, as well as more frequent use of strong language (‘f**k’) and other terms such as ‘wanker’, ‘bugger’, ‘bloody’, ‘bastard’, ‘shit, ‘pissed’, ‘hell’ and ‘God’.


    Comic moderate sex references occur, including brief and wholly undetailed references to ‘swinging’ and ‘dogging’.

    Rude humour

    Scenes of very mild rude humour include characters urinating outdoors.


    References are made to the declining state of a character’s mental health and he is urged to seek professional help.

    Alcohol and tobacco

    There are scenes of alcohol consumption and drunken behaviour involving adults.