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England 1555. An isolated group of salt farmers arrange illegal passage to Europe for an Indian Gypsy family in hiding. But a love affair between Patience, a mute English girl, and Rumi, the son of the Egyptians, threatens to destroy both communities.

  • BBFC Ratings Information

    sexual violence and sexual threat

    A scene of sexual violence features the rape of a woman by two men, one of whom is killed by the other who replaces him in the violation of the woman. There is no nudity or any other eroticising of sexual violence, and the focus is on the woman’s distress throughout, but the process of her ordeal is sustained. The surviving rapist subsequently and falsely accuses the woman of tempting him and making him act against his will.


    A man is stabbed in the head and blood spurts copiously from the wound. There is also strong violence in scenes in which an unsympathetic male character batters both men and woman, but without unduly strong detail.

    There are occasional uses of very strong language (‘c**t) and more frequent uses of strong language (‘f**k’), as well as milder terms such as ‘bitch’ and ‘whore’. There is strong threat. There are moderate sex references. There is brief natural breast nudity. There is discriminatory language with Asian characters being described as “leather-faced” and “night-skinned”. There are references to miscarriage.