This week we’re delighted to have Lauren Vevers back in residency, for research and development on Caring For Mother.

Lauren is a writer from Newcastle upon Tyne based between the North East of England and Scotland. Their writing often explores queer identity; the politics of care; the effect of trauma on memory and the body; magic and mystery; and our relationship to the natural world. Their practice has co-collaboration and generosity at the heart of it. They work with youth and community groups to deliver bespoke creative workshops.

Caring For Mother is their first ACE funded theatre project.

Caring For Mother addresses the issue of environmental overwhelm. It’s a collaboration between: Lauren Vevers (writer), Chloe Smith (performer), Laura Stutter-Garcia (musician) and Saya Naruse (puppeteer & filmmaker).

It explores the intersection between class, caring responsibilities and climate change and is informed by workshops with young carers and communities in Stockton.

It’s a theatre project about climate and caring and heaviness and fatigue and joy and giant jellyfish… and some other things they haven’t thought about yet.

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