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A young Syrian musician and other refugees await the answers to their requests for asylum on a remote Scottish island.

  • BBFC Ratings Info (May Contain Spoilers)


    There are occasional scenes of racist and discriminatory behaviour. There is infrequent casual use of racist terms including ‘paki’, and in a comic scene a man reads from a list of racist ‘banned words’ which includes ‘camel jockey’, ‘towel heid’, ‘goat f**ker’, ‘Osama’ and ‘shit Aladdin’. The work carries a clear anti-racist message.


    There is infrequent use of strong language (‘f**k’). Milder terms include ‘wank’, ‘shit’, ‘balls’ and ‘flange’.


    There are infrequent moderate sex references including to masturbation.

    sexual violence and sexual threat

    In one scene people make racist comments associating Middle Eastern refugees with acts of rape. In another scene a man gropes a woman’s behind during a class demonstration of inappropriate social interaction; the woman slaps him in response.

    A man discovers a dead body; there is no sign of injury, and it is implied that the person died of exposure