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Live Q&A: lead actor Vishnu Krishnan will be joining us for a live Q&A after the screening of Malam on Sat 13 Aug.

Jay, a young man haunted by a murder committed back home in Malaysia, is sent to a housing block marked for demolition in Singapore. There, in this uncanny and at times surreal setting, he meets elusive and resilient Hannah, the only female member of a toxic ‘family’ of criminals. Jay’s presence disrupts the fragile alliances between occultist boss Seow, sociopathic thug Alan and disillusioned henchman Patrick. Jay and Hannah plan their escape with Seow’s money but find themselves caught in an endless night of seduction, deadly violence, and betrayal. And when the sun comes up, it won’t be over. Malam plunges into a humid, seething underworld of sexual jealousy, perverse power struggles and Southeast Asian folklore. It is a contemporary and atmospheric thriller about the chance for hope in a deeply corrupted world.

In Malay, with English subtitles.

Director: Leonard Yip
Writer: Ben Slater
Cast: Jean Goh, Sijia Goh, Vishnu Krishnan

Released: 2021



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