No tickets are currently available.

General Prices: £11 + £0.10 booking fee

Seating: Reserved seated

This is how it goes…

One comedian, one box of miscellaneous items brought by the audience,  zero prep time, 100% improvisation and a whole load of gags.

JUNK BOX is exactly what it says on the tin. We’re going to have a box  full of junk, Matt has to pull one item out at a time and make it  funny. Whether it be an old DVD, a rude-looking vegetable, a newspaper  cutting or a family heirloom – he’ll find a way.

Bring something suitable (or unsuitable) along, sit back and enjoy an epically unpredictable improvised feast like nothing else you have ever seen!

Top tip: We can play any multi-media so movie clips or songs are fine.