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From Teesside University to Game of Thrones to starting an award winning film production company in the North East, the Tees Valley International Film Festival welcomes Maria Caruana Galizia to ARC to tell us about her journey in the world of film and TV.

Having faced rampant sexism as a young producer in a notoriously male dominated industry, Maria’s love for the artistry of cinema helped her battle through. In her own words “I am a woman and I’m creative. I can hold a camera, I can edit and produce and I can handle money and run a company. There’s space for me. The stories I want to tell, people want to hear”, and now Marie comes back to Teesside to tell her story and to advise others on how they too can forge a great career behind the camera. The evening also includes a screening of Maria’s British Independent Film Award nominated short film “A Six and Two Threes”, which was filmed in Stockton.

Maria Caruana Galizia is a producer and the founder of Candle & Bell, a film, television, video content and audio production company based in Gateshead. In this masterclass, Maria talks about her career of twenty years in the film and tv industry. From an aspiring filmmaker growing up in a small village on the island of Malta, to producing TV shows for Sky Arts and making films supported by the British Film Institute. Maria began her career at Scottish Television as an assistant editor on the popular TV show “Taggart”. She would go on to work with Academy Award winner Alejandro Amenabar on his epic film “Agora”, the TV series “Moby Dick” starring William Hurt and Ethan Hawke, and HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. In 2013 Maria set up her production company Candle & Bell Limited and has produced fifteen short films which have won numerous awards and screened at film festivals world wide. In 2017, Candle & Bell was named one of the Top 50 Emerging Creative Companies, by Creative England. In 2023, Candle & Bell was awarded BBC Small Indie Fund to develop comedy ideas for Audio and Television. Maria is a BAFTA crew 2021 mentee and an alumni of Edinburgh Talent Lab 2018, Venice Biennale Cinema College 2018 and Creative Producers Initiative 2016.

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